What is the FILM LINK Academy?

Building new digital media and filmmaking skills as an entrepreneur with courses online from world-class producers and technicians from the world of film and television. Learn how to become a producer in the new digital age .... and earn a living from the film and content creation business.
Our 8 Week Certified courses allow students to engage with the complete catalogue of modules you'll need to go from project idea to project marketing
Mentored courses from industry leading professionals who've experienced the reality of production and will tailor your work to the marketplace
We've designed an innovative immersive and interactive learning experience so you feel part of the community and can engage first hand with the tutor team and fellow learners.

Industry Professional Tutors

Michela Scolari
Academy Curriculum Administration
Mark Ubsdell
CEO - Course Director
Online Consultant
Wasim Aslam
Nathan Hannawin
Chief Programmer

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