How To Fund & Make Films And Content That Can Be Monetised And Build Your Entrepreneur Network

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This free course is from our Academy studios in London is for content producers who are starting outAlso for established filmmakers who want to expand their skills and scale their business or production portfolio.
You’ll discover proven strategies and tested tactics from successful producers who’ve been there and done that.

Ground-Breaking Films Aired Internationally

Become A Better Filmmaker and Content Production Entrepreneur

In This Free Masterclass You'll Discover:

Case Study Walkthrough

Designed quickly and easily re-evaluate your skills in content production as a business. Learn from real templates for success.

Breakthrough Marketing Concept

Tell you to exactly what you need to know to produce movies people want to buy no matter what your budget or experience.

Production Skills

You will discover proven techniques that can make your content more compelling to audiences.

Create Audience Focused Content

You’ll discover how to begin to raise your marketing skills, so you end up with a final product that is both engaging and profitable.

If You're Struggling With:

Limited Audience

Your content is seen and heard mostly by yourself and a few friends.

Difficulty In Selling And Monetizing

So many people in the world are desperate to produce movies … but almost nobody is willing to pay for yours.

Wasting Valuable Time

Fighting an invisible clock that’s counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds of your professional life. While you make mistakes that cost you early success and industry cut-through.

Don't Know How To Start

Don’t know how to film a compelling movie and don’t know what makes a story a ‘must see’ when people can’t wait to see the next episode.

Festival Submission Blocks

You’re making movies but can’t get them into festivals. Our team includes festival judges who know what they’re looking for and what will ‘cut through’.

This FREE Masterclass Is For You To Develop A Clear Path To Success

Clients Who’ve been there!

William Knight


“Allowed me to build pathways through to get my content monetised”

“Film Link allows me to think differently, expand my network and break out of the trap of being limited to the amateur production world. It allowed me to build pathways through to get my content monetised and it’s really re-assuring to have so many industry pros involved who can tell us what they are looking for and what the TV channels demand. If I’d know all this before it would have saved me a lot of time.”

David White


“FILM LINK was the answer and gave me the tools I needed to build my own future”

“I wanted to learn how to become a real producer rather than just another slave of the internet or stuck in the rut of producing vanity projects which  nobody buys. FILM LINK was the answer and gave me the tools I needed to build my own future as part of a community of filmmakers, sharing their experiences, and workarounds … and that’s something different. Sharing is the key and the support makes it happen.”

Wasim Max Aslam


“Allow me to build a scaleable career in the business”

“The reality is there is always an audience for a product, the skill is finding that audience and adapting that content to match that audience’s demands. You may worry that your work is being derided as a poor copy of others or derivative and un-original – how could I stand out. The Academy offers me the opportunity to work on my strengths address any weaknesses, work out just who my market is and learn from my past mistakes to build a scaleable career in the business.”


Meet our team of experienced tutors and producers, and course director MARK UBSDELL who’s made some of the world’s top selling sell-through content and tv films and decided to share effective strategies.

Mark Ubsdell

Founder of FILM LINK Electric Theatre Academy

There’s never been a better time to enter content production.

Post-Pandemic, the global demand for film is massive the production playing field has never been more open.

But knowing how to create products that people want and will give you money for, is a skill some filmmakers haven’t yet developed.

They may have been making films, but can’t get an audience, or they make them but nobody’s buying or they can’t get into festivals to kick-start their career.

We’re here to help you get started or accelerate the passage to commercial success in film.